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Bluefin SUP 10′8″ Aura FIT Stand Up Paddle Board Kit

The best all-terrain paddle board for beginners

The 10’8″ Bluefin Cruise is a unique inflatable SUP board that comes as a complete package, including a kayak seat and a 2-in-1 fibreglass paddle. The board is durable and will last for a long time, as well as high-quality accessories.

Along with the paddle and seat, the board includes a roll-up leash, a double-action pump, a backpack, a waterproof phone case and a repair kit. That’s a lot more than you need to start paddle boarding.

For this price, it is the best package available on the market and can even compete with boards twice this price; this board is a bargain that you should want to get your hands on before they raise the price!

I have tested this board thoroughly, and you will see many personal photos of me and my girlfriend loading or floating on this board. Below I will show you my experience with this board and why it is so good.


  • Great price for a complete package with all the best accessories
  • Very stable and reliable board
  • Great for beginners as well as advanced paddlers
  • Excellent reviews online; everyone loves this board!
  • Includes convertible seat between paddle board and kayak
  • Wide grip deck with kick pad


  • To be fair, there are no cons as such, but more like small suggestions
  • Backpack without wheels.
  • No length is indicated on the board.

The Bluefin Cruise is mainly suitable for:

The Bluefin Cruise is an excellent quality Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP I guess you already knew the acronym), at a very competitive price, that includes more than you need for a great tour on the water. I have also tried the more luxurious version, the Bluefin Cruise Carbon before, which is perfect, but 350 € more expensive and quite a bit heavier. I think the Bluefin Cruise is the best board for beginners paddle boarding.

It is a versatile board (or, as I say in other reviews: all-rounder), so it is suitable for any activity related to a stand-up paddleboard. It used to have a maximum weight of 287 lbs / 130 kg, but for the 2020 version, it has been bumped up to 331 lbs / 150 kg. But I think that’s underrated and you could probably get on this board with two people who are my weight (about 80kg).

Although if you’re looking to tour or paddle out together, you should probably check out the 12′ and 15′ versions of this same board! They offer the same benefits and full package as this board, but with more stability for longer rides due to the length of the board.

There is even a children’s version of this board: the Bluefin Cruise Junior. Looking for a Stand Up Paddle Board for kids to start to Stand Up Paddleboarding? Then take a look at this board, as it is smaller and will be easier for younger children to control.

The board is very stable and has a size of 10’8″ long and 32.9″ wide. This makes the board ideal for beginners as you are less likely to fall off it. The 6.3″ thickness helps ensure the board doesn’t bend in the middle. As for speed, it’s not a racing board, but the board’s shape will allow you to cruise through the water faster than with a fully rounded board.

The Bluefin Cruise hanging out in its natural habitat

This board offers incredible value for money, and I can personally guarantee that for this money, you can’t get a better board; Bluefin offers an outstanding five-year warranty on all their boards (only comparable to Red Paddle). They also provide a one-year warranty on the accessories included by the manufacturer.

So it is clear that the company itself also has a lot of faith in its product and is willing to stand up for it. The quality of the board is so high that they can afford to take the risk, as it is difficult for this board to break during your regular Stand Up Paddle sessions.

If you are looking for a high-quality inflatable Stand Up Paddle board in a very complete package and at a reasonable price, this is your best choice by far!

Speed on the water
The board is designed for all types of users, so the speed is not the main aspect. But due to the pointed nose, you can reach higher speeds than on conventionally shaped all-terrain paddleboards.

The board weighs 28.8 LBS / 12.6 kg and is not difficult to carry in the supplied backpack, which has comfortable padded straps.

The 32.9″ width makes the board more stable than a normal 30″ wide board, which is useful for beginners to get started. The 6.3″ thickness and sturdy material offer even more stability and support.

My own experience
I was overjoyed when I received the board and couldn’t wait to get out on the water. Nowadays, when everyone spends so much time indoors, it’s great to get out on the water for a while. As you can see in the photo below, it was hushed, and I had the whole lake to myself. A bit of peace and quiet away from the city is always appreciated.

The Bluefin Cruise is leaning against a tree. I could get a splinter in it, which makes me a real daredevil!
Unpacking the board felt like I was opening presents one after the other, with all the accessories included, all of the excellent quality. (Small remark to Bluefin: your packaging is a bit too surprising, turn down the volume of the plastic wrappings a bit).

After unpacking, I continued to inflate the Bluefin Cruise. It took me exactly 3.5 minutes to inflate this board to 18 PSI, which is really fast! I have the video as proof, but I don’t know if anyone would be interested in a 3.5-minute video of me inflating a paddleboard so I won’t bother you with it.

The Bluefin Cruise was easy to get on the water and felt super stable and very easy to paddle. Testing the Bluefin Cruise on the same day I tested the Bluefin Cruise Carbon, it was good to see the differences between the models. The Bluefin Cruise is easier to handle than the Carbon, but the light paddle of the Carbon was better than the fibreglass paddle of the “normal” Cruise.

For this price, a fibreglass paddle is perfect and a thousand times better than an aluminium one. Maybe I’m getting a bit spoiled after getting used to the sleek Carbon version.

Compared to the Carbon, the Bluefin Cruise only has an elastic strap at the front, while the Carbon has adjustable straps at the front and back. I didn’t stockpile that many supplies on this occasion, and a bungee cord for a large waterproof backpack is more than enough, really.

The croco-diamond grip cover fits very well, and I never felt the loss of grip when paddling. Not only does it feel great, but it also looks great with the crocodile skin look (hence the name).

The kick pad at the back (a slightly raised pad) allows you to lean back a bit and lift the front for those sharper turns. I didn’t fall in the water (surely I must be a pro) so I don’t know what it would have been like on a wet board, but I’m confident the grip would still be great.

It’s nice and relaxing to ride around on this board, but I also managed to build up quite a bit of speed when paddling hard. The size may not be perfect for speed, but the pointed front of the board helps to cut through the water faster than with a rounded board. The three-fin system allowed me to stay in a straight line when paddling at higher speeds.

In addition to normal paddling, I even tried sitting and kayaking on this board, which I found very relaxing. The option to sit and have a bit of back support (my back feels great) is great, and I could paddle like this for hours without any effort. That this is included for free in a package is a rare and amazing addition to an already amazing package.

This is the best beginner paddle board on the market and is available at a fantastic price. I would recommend this board for any beginner who wants to start with a complete package; with the 5-year warranty, you can be sure you won’t need to buy more stuff soon!

I’m sure that the very sturdy material won’t breakfast anyway. The thick PVC layers and the side reinforcement prevent any damage if you bump into something. The board even has a UV-resistant layer, so it won’t get damaged by the sun so quickly (I still recommend using 303 protective sprays for safety, read more about paddle board maintenance here).

If you have more than enough money and only want the best of the best, you can try the Bluefin Cruise Carbon, but if you are looking for the best value for money and a complete package, the Bluefin Cruise is the Stand-Up Paddleboard you are looking for!


Bluefin SUP 10′8″ Aura FIT Stand Up Paddle Board Kit 6" Thick Fiberglass Paddle – Fitness & Yoga Paddle Board Water Aqua Fitness All Accessories 5 Year Warranty, Bluefin SUP

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