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Delonghi Arte Evo Review: Top Cold Brew Tech


• Quality construction and compact design.
• User-friendly.
• Cold Brew feature.
• No risk of coffee mould in the machine’s internals.
• Comparatively quiet.
• Energy efficient.
• Equipped with a jug and steam nozzle for milk frothing.


• Not ideal for those who are time-pressed in the morning. • Tamper manipulation can be challenging. • Adjusting critical settings is difficult.

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The Specialista Arte Evo is a sophisticated version of the original Specialista Arte, acting as an entry point into Delonghi’s range of espresso machines with percolators. Its standout feature is its ability to prepare a cold brew using cold extraction technology.

DeLonghi EC9255M 2

Key Points to Note

The Specialista Arte Evo caters to aspiring baristas eager to craft their espresso. It comes equipped with a tamper for compressing the coffee grounds and an accessory for managing the dosage or securing the filter during tamping. Distinguishing the Specialista Arte Evo from the original Specialista Arte (Delonghi’s most affordable semi-automatic machine) is its capability to prepare a cold infusion in under 5 minutes, courtesy of cold extraction technology. This includes an additional recipe for Cold Brew. Retailing at €700, the Specialista Arte Evo is €150 more expensive than the Specialista Arte, justified by its cold beverage feature.

DeLonghi EC9255M 3

The Rise of Cold Extraction

Cold extraction is increasingly mainstream. Delonghi has ventured into this method, especially with its ‘full auto’ machines, like the Eletta Explore. Popular in the United States and Australia, Cold Brew typically requires 18 to 20 hours of drip infusion. Delonghi has succeeded in producing a Cold Brew in just 4 minutes, upholding the quality. This efficiency is achieved by applying low pressure (4 bars), expediting the process without harming the drink’s quality.

Apart from this, the Delonghi Specialista Arte Evo resembles the initial Specialista Arte. Our tests, however, reveal that this model brews the first two morning coffees slightly faster than its predecessor after being fully activated. It takes about a minute for the first cup, with tamping being a variable factor. The second cup is ready after an additional 50 seconds. Noise-wise, we observed a slight difference. The Arte Evo registered 45 dB (A) during extraction, compared to 52 dB (A) for the Specialista Arte. Grinding is louder, with the Evo at 66 dB (A) and the Arte at 63 dB (A).

DeLonghi EC9255M 4


The Delonghi Specialista Arte Evo is a visually appealing machine, designed to captivate a broad audience. Its attractive design and ease of use allow anyone to dabble in being an apprentice barista. Engaging in the process is enjoyable, even though mastering the tamping technique takes some skill. Its cold extraction feature is advantageous for those who enjoy iced coffees. In the end, it’s the plethora of smart features and accessories that may make maintenance a bit intricate.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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