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Dreame L10s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Among the range of Dreame’s robot hoovers, the L10s Pro is more inspired than ever by the L10s Ultra. In this version, the device retains its outstanding vacuuming performance but does away with its multi-tasking docking station.


  • Good suction performance
  • More than adequate surface coverage
  • Perfect navigation


  • Poor washing performance

The L10s Pro doesn’t differ much from the L10s Ultra. As the motor and suction power is identical, so is the performance. Both robots are capable of vacuuming as well as washing the floor. The Pro version is equipped with the same removable mops, which can be retracted at the sight of a carpet.

On the other hand, if the Dreame L10s Ultra was noticeable in the room, the L10s Pro tries to keep a low profile. The L10s Pro tries to keep a low profile by replacing the large docking station that is characteristic of robot vacuums with a basic charging base that can be tucked under furniture.

The robot can no longer recharge its water tank on its own, which is accessible to the user. Hidden under the fully magnetic cover, the 190 ml water tank can be filled under the tap or with a carafe. Adjacent to the water tank is the dust collector, which has a larger capacity than the L10s Ultra: 450 ml compared to 350 ml for the L10s Ultra.

Finally, we again performed the cocoa test, which is designed to evaluate the filtration capabilities. The less powder the HEPA filter is loaded with, the more efficient the upstream filtration is. Indeed, without the base that empties the dust collector, the results are likely to be less good on the Pro version. Fact and fiction, the robot is in slight decline. We found 2g of cocoa, compared to 1.2g for the Ultra model.

Again, apart from these few features, the two robots are identical. However, one last criterion also varies from one reference to the other: the price. The L10s Pro is priced at around £600, compared to £1000 for the Ultra.


To compete with the best devices on the market, Dreame keeps on offering more and more advanced robot vacuums, with this time the L10s Pro similar to the L10s Ultra. Its navigation system is more than satisfactory and provides perfect surface coverage. Its suction performance is also very good, but it could be even better with an improved side brush. The mops have the merit of spacing out the washing sessions, but they still need to be a substitute for an actual floor scrubber. On the other hand, if cleaning was an old-fashioned affair with the Ultra model and its more than complete base, the user has to get his hands dirty in this Pro version. The large docking station has been replaced by a simple, compact charging base. It is therefore up to the user to perform the few maintenance tasks.


Dreame L10s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1, Rotating Mop, 3D Obstacle Detection, Multi-Level Mapping, Powerful Suction 5300Pa Hard Floor Mat, Pet Hair, WiFi/APP/Alexa, Black

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