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Fujifilm X-H2 Mirrorless Digital Camera


  • Construction and ergonomics
  • Resistance to moisture and dust
  • Overall responsiveness
  • Video image quality
  • Viewfinder and touch screen on swivel
  • USB charging and shooting on power
  • Full connectivity and dual storage slots


  • Limited exposure latitude
  • Old-fashioned menus


At the end of the summer of 2022, Fujifilm presented the second model in its new X-H range, the X-H2. A camera that comes after the X-H2S launched in the spring and oriented towards action with its stacked APS-C sensor of 26 Mpx, capable of swallowing bursts of 40 fps without batting an eyelid.

With the X-H2, Fujifilm offers a professional APS-C camera that is intended to appeal to creative people in both photo and video. Unlike its sister model, the X-H2S, it does not focus on extremely high speed but on a particularly high-resolution sensor with 40 megapixels. This makes it the highest-resolution APS-C camera to date. Competing models currently have 32.5 megapixels. In initial tests, the X-H2 shows a very high level of detail and good image quality thanks to the high-resolution sensor. However, since only pre-production models have been tested so far, there are no final assessments. The large, high-resolution viewfinder is praised.

The X-H2 is also the first camera in the X system with a Pixel Shift mode. It makes it possible to take even higher-resolution pictures with up to 160 megapixels. To do this, several shots are stitched together, each with a slightly shifted sensor. However, a diversion via a computer is necessary for the stitching, and Fujifilm provides a suitable programme for this. The continuous shooting speed is not as high as with the X-H2S, but it is still remarkable, with 15 frames per second with a mechanical shutter. Even 20 frames per second are possible with an electronic shutter, albeit with a smaller frame size (crop factor 1.29). This should be sufficient for many applications.

First APS-C camera with 8K video, but quite expensive
The X-H2 also focuses on resolution when it comes to videos; it is the first APS-C camera that can record videos in 8K (30 frames per second). There is no recording limit of 30 minutes. 8K recordings should be available for up to 160 minutes. Like the X-H2S, the XH2 can be supplemented with an optionally available fan to prevent overheating in warm environments. 4K recording is possible at 60 frames per second, less than its sister model, which can also handle 4K video at a slow-motion 120 frames per second. In addition, due to the slower sensor, the X-H2 suffers from a more substantial rolling shutter effect than the X-H2S, i.e. vertical lines tilt more to the side during horizontal movements. Otherwise, the camera offers professional video features, including numerous recording formats such as Apple ProRes, F-Log and F-Log2. Connections for a microphone, headphones and an HDMI interface are also available.

The X-H2 has some unique selling points in the APS-C sector, but Fujifilm is willing to pay for them: At around 2,250 euros at the start of sales, the X-H2 is one of the most expensive APS-C cameras. If you are looking for an APS-C camera with high resolution, reliable autofocus and solid video functions, the much cheaper Canon R7 is also worth a look.



With the X-H2, Fujifilm transforms the test. Its new range is complete, very versatile and almost flawless. The X-Trans APS-C sensor, even if it is 40MP, is still a step behind the 24×36 sensors of equivalent definition. Similarly, autofocus tracking could use polishing to reach the level of the best. The X-H2 remains an excellent camera at home in almost any terrain.


Fujifilm X-H2 Mirrorless Digital Camera, Black

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Current Price -
Highest Price £1,599,001,600.00 February 8, 2024
Lowest Price £1,439.10 February 7, 2024
Since July 18, 2023

Last price changes

£1,599.00 March 16, 2024
£1,439.10 March 14, 2024
£1,599.00 March 9, 2024
£1,439.10 February 9, 2024
£1,599,001,600.00 February 8, 2024

Fujifilm X-H2 Mirrorless Camera Body - Black

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Price History


Current Price -
Highest Price $1,999.00 September 15, 2023
Lowest Price $417.99 February 7, 2024
Since July 17, 2023

Last price changes

$1,849.00 February 9, 2024
$417.99 February 7, 2024
$1,849.00 January 31, 2024
$1,229.00 January 27, 2024
$1,849.00 January 22, 2024
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