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  • Exceptional peak brightness
  • Fine detail resolution
  • Very slim design


  • High energy consumption with HDR images
  • Optional stand

Tech Specs

Model LG OLED65G36LA
HDR Format HDR10 - Dolby Vision
HDR Technology Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) - Dolby Vision IQ
Video Processor Α9 Gen 6 AI 4K
Picture Enhancements AI Picture Pro -Absolute Black - Game Optimiser - Brightness Booster Max - OLED Color - AI super upscaling 4K - OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Display Format 4K UHD (2160p)
LCD Backlight Technology Pixel dimming - self-illuminating pixels
Digital Audio Format Dolby Digital output - Dolby Atmos - DTS:X
Output Power / Total 60 Watt
LG Electronics OLED65G36LA


In the G3 series, LG features its new MLA (Micro Lens Array) OLED panels. The MLA technology entails fitting several thousand micro lenses in front of each OLED subpixel. This approach better focuses scattered light in the organic layer and directs it to the panel’s surface. Coupled with the “Brightness Booster Max” feature, LG promises a brightness increase of up to 70% and even wider viewing angles, although OLEDs are generally stable in this regard already.

We tested the LG OLED G3 in the 65-inch model. LG also offers this television in 55-inch, 77-inch, and 83-inch sizes. In terms of image quality and features, these variants are likely to be similar, but energy efficiency may differ.

LG Electronics OLED65G36LA 2

Currently the Brightest OLED

The combination of OLED pixels and micro lenses affords the LG OLED 65G3 an extraordinarily bright screen. On the usual 10% white surface area, we measured a sustained maximum brightness of 1,600 cd/m². For brief moments—like when a spotlight flashes in the dark—it even rises to nearly 2,000 cd/m². This OLED can hold its own against the previously superior LCD screens. Lesser scattered light in the OLED layer also slightly improves contrast and colour stability at oblique angles.

On the downside, the black-and-white checkerboard contrast is mediocre, with a measured ratio of 200:1. However, this apparent drawback is negligible when viewed and is offset by higher contrast dynamics. The panel covers 99% of the DCI-PC3 colour space, which is vital for intense HDR images. A measured latency of 13 milliseconds should satisfy keen gamers.

LG Electronics OLED65G36LA 1

Image Quality

Both TV signals and Blu-ray images are cleanly upscaled to 4K by the G3’s AI-supported image processing. Details in our bright test sequences are cleanly resolved, although the finer aspects blur slightly in darker corners. Motion artefacts are minimal, save for some slight flicker over intricate surfaces, such as a wheat field.

Sound Quality

The 60-watt 4.2 speaker system projects sound downwards. Despite the slim casing, the LG OLED 65G3 delivers decent sound that exceeds room volume. However, the first distortions occur at about 88% of the maximum volume.

Connectivity and Software

All four HDMI ports meet the 2.1 standard and offer 4K transmission at 120 Hz, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). The WebOS operating system is swift and includes all mainstream streaming services. The “Magic Remote” is also provided and allows a mouse cursor to dance across the screen with some skill. The television supports Dolby Vision but not HDR10+ from local rival Samsung. In such cases, it falls back on the universal HDR10 standard, which results in slight losses in contrast dynamics.


In testing, the standout feature of the 65-inch 4K LG OLED 65G3 is its extraordinary peak brightness. Even in daylight, it delivers a high-contrast image. The integrated sound is clear and robust despite the slim screen. Instead of coming with a stand, this television is shipped with an ultra-slim wall mount. If you prefer to stand the television rather than mount it, an additional charge will apply. Aside from lacking support for HDR10+, the features leave nothing to be desired. For standard content, its energy consumption is modest, but with HDR images, the OLED TV draws a substantial amount of power from the mains.


LG Electronics OLED65G36LA 65 inch 4K Ultra HD OLED HDR Smart TV with Game Optimiser

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