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Logitech G G715 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The G715 from Logitech is a wireless mechanical keyboard with relatively high-end features and is part of the Aurora series. It offers advanced features and has a palm rest that has fallen from the sky.


  • Solid construction
  • PBT keys
  • 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth and wired connection
  • Palm rest included
  • Two level adjustable feet
  • RGB customisation on a key by key basis
  • Dedicated multimedia keys
  • Volume control knob


  • All-plastic construction
  • Non-magnetic palm rest


After testing the G705 mouse from Logitech’s new Aurora range, this time, we take a look at the G715 keyboard, which has a similar design, even though the two devices are sold separately. This wireless TKL (Ten Key Less) mechanical keyboard has high-end features, including PBT keys, linear or tactile switches (your choice) and a dual Bluetooth/radio connection. Is the G715 all about design, or is it a viable gaming option?

Logitech G G715 Wireless 3


TKL (no numeric keypad) formats are prevalent and convenient for saving space. However, the G715 is not the most compact (37 x 15.7 cm) and still weighs almost a kilo (976 g exactly).

This is due in part to the dedicated multimedia keys on the top of the keyboard; on the right are the buttons for switching between music, the play button and the mute; on the left are the buttons for connectivity, brightness and the game mode that disables the Windows key. A handy volume dial accompanies it all. Unfortunately, it’s made of plastic and not metal, unlike the G915 from the same manufacturer or the K100 Air from Corsair.

The keyboard is otherwise quite thick (3.7 cm) but has a rather original palm rest, in the shape of a small cloud, to change the classic grey or black rectangle; this is a matter of taste. It should be noted, however, that it cannot be attached to the keyboard, which can be annoying when you move it around on your desk. A memory foam pad made us feel like we were on a cloud.

Another unusual feature is that the chassis plate can be changed to a different colour. It can be chosen in pink or light green, and key packs of the same colours are also available. The options are quite limited, but they might interest some.

The keys are made of double injection PBT plastic, much more durable than ABS, and the coating is slightly rough. The whole thing is standard, with a row of F-keys that can be assigned shortcuts in the Logitech G Hub software. It will also allow you to manage the effects and colours of the backlighting among all the RGB colours (set to blue and pink by default) on a key-by-key basis.

Underneath the chassis, there’s nothing special except for numerous non-slip feet and a small slot for the radio receiver. The G715 connects via this in 2.4GHz for low latency, which is essential for gaming, or via Bluetooth if you’re doing office work. A USB-C cable is provided for charging, as well as an adapter to attach the 2.4 GHz dongle.

Logitech G G715 Wireless


Our test model has brown GX in-house touch switches, but a second version is available with blue clicky models. The tactile feedback is relatively light, but it has the usual feel of this type of keyboard, with a slightly higher activation force than the classic linear reds (60 cN vs 50 cN). The total stroke is 4 mm with an activation point of 1.9 mm, almost identical to the linear reds, which is 2 mm.

The feel is good, with a good rebound, and the resonance is inaudible; this is a point to be stressed. However, don’t expect a silent keyboard; as with most mechanical models, you can hear keys clicking.


The design of the Aurora range rejuvenates Logitech’s keyboards, and the G715 will pair well with the G705 mouse. It’s efficient and offers a lot more advanced functionality than it looks. We like the PBT keys, the dedicated multimedia shortcuts and the cute cloud palm rest. For the asking price, we regret the omnipresence of plastic and the paid customisation options. However, this keyboard is still a good choice for gamers who want an original TKL format on their desktop.


Logitech G G715 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with LIGHTSYNC RGB Lighting, LIGHTSPEED, Tactile Switches (GX Brown) and Keyboard Palm Rest, PC and Mac Compatible - White Mist

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Logitech G715 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with LIGHTSYNC RGB, LIGHTSPEED, Linear Switches (GX Red), and Keyboard Palm Rest, PC/Mac Compatible - White Mist

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