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  • Comfortable
  • Convenient wheel
  • 13 customizable buttons
  • Comprehensive features
  • Simple and discreet
  • RGB lighting
  • Flawless wireless link


  • A bit heavy
  • High price

The Logitech G502 X Plus gamer mouse is a clone of the classic G502 X we’ve already tested. This higher-end model is wireless, compatible with the brand’s wireless charging mats and has RGB lighting.

The weight is logically affected as this cordless model exceeds 106g, making it relatively heavy compared to the current trend.


Surprisingly, the feel of the G502 X Plus differs slightly from its wired version. Indeed, due to its weight, the wireless model feels less like a toy than the wired version. However, the general ergonomics remain identical between the two models, so we invite you to consult our test of the G502 X.

The only notable difference is the weight, which reaches 106 grams, whereas the wired model was only 90 grams. This difference is noticeable in use and is a point that should be noticed before purchasing. At least it has the merit of remaining lighter than its main competitor, the Basilisk V3 from Razer.

Under the mouse, there is logically a switch and a place to put the dongle during transport. This flap will also accommodate the wireless charging roller to make the mouse compatible with the brand’s mats. The G502 X Plus also comes with a non-braided USB cable and an adapter to bring the dongle closer to the mouse, which charges via USB C.

Finally, the X Plus version also has a nicely integrated RGB light. The effects offered are visually very successful while being relatively discreet. We almost regret that the wired G502 X does not have this feature.


The features unlocked by the Logitech G Hub driver are similar to those found on the wired version. There is an additional page for customising the RGB lighting area on the mouse. Various settings are available, although the default setting is the most convincing.

The G502 X Plus also has a dedicated interface for its power-saving settings. It’s possible to customise the sleep time and the associated RGB lighting. G Hub also gives us an estimate of the mouse’s power consumption and its remaining battery life.


As is often the case, the wireless connection suffered from no noticeable problems. The difference with a wired connection is imperceptible, and the G502 X Plus provides an excellent user experience. However, we regret the absence of Bluetooth compatibility, which is found in the competition.

The mouse’s battery life is perfect, as Logitech claims just under 40 hours with the lights on and up to 130 hours without the lights off. In our case, the mouse was used for 3 to 4 hours daily (RGB lighting activated) for a week before reaching the 20% battery level.


As we saw above, the wireless connection does not affect the mouse’s performance. Because it uses the same sensor as the wired version, the G502 X Plus offers excellent performance in all areas. Once again, we invite you to read our G502 X test to learn about it.

Apart from the wireless link, the heavier weight of the Plus version may alter the experience. As always, this will be a matter of personal preference, but those few extra grams could provide the hint of control that some people miss.


Suppose you’re already familiar with the G502 X. In that case, you will be satisfied with the G502 X Plus, which has the same basic design, but with the addition of simple and effective RGB lighting and an equally convincing wireless link.

Our conclusion remains unchanged compared to the wired model, which we mainly criticised for being too timid and a little less premium than some of its competitors.

However, the G502 X Plus is still a compelling multi-genre mouse thanks to its exemplary performance, comfort, and numerous buttons.


Logitech G502 X PLUS LIGHTSPEED Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse - Optical Mouse with LIGHTFORCE Hybrid Switches, LIGHTSYNC RGB, HERO 25K Gaming Sensor, Compatible with PC - macOS/Windows - Black

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Current Price -
Highest Price £149.00 June 18, 2023
Lowest Price £87.34 March 5, 2024
Since April 11, 2023

Last price changes

£149.00 March 11, 2024
£87.34 March 5, 2024
£89.26 March 4, 2024
£119.99 February 7, 2024
£120.00 February 2, 2024

Logitech G502 X PLUS LIGHTSPEED Wireless - Optical mouse with LIGHTFORCE hybrid switches, LIGHTSYNC RGB, HERO 25K gaming sensor, compatible with PC - macOS/Windows - Black

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Price History


Current Price -
Highest Price $159.99 April 14, 2023
Lowest Price $99.95 February 7, 2024
Since April 11, 2023

Last price changes

$138.49 March 4, 2024
$140.95 February 8, 2024
$99.95 February 7, 2024
$140.95 February 1, 2024
$156.76 January 30, 2024
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