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Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush

Building on the success of the iO Series 9, the Oral-B iO Series 10 connected electric toothbrush aims for even greater convenience with its Sense smart base. This means you can enjoy guided brushing without necessarily using the Oral-B application.


  • Quality of manufacture
  • Magnetic charging base with brushing aid
  • Pressure sensor
  • 7 brushing modes
  • Relevant application


  • Relatively noisy
  • Very high price


Electric toothbrushes are becoming increasingly advanced and are now distinguished by their brushing modes, connectivity and accessories. This is the case with Oral-B’s iO range, which consists of 6 models (iO 4 to 10) that share the same brushing technology but differ in their equipment, features and accessories.

Even more upmarket than the iO Series 9, the iO Series 10 is equipped with all possible refinements: pressure sensor, light ring, position detection with 3D brushing follow-up, colour screen, 7 brushing modes, Bluetooth connectivity… It also has a travel case with a charger function and a smart Sense magnetic charging base. The latter is what makes the iO 9 different.

Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush 3

Convenience of use

Technically identical to the iO Series 9, the only difference between the iO Series 10 and the iO Series 9 is Cosmic black and Stardust white. The plastic is excellent and feels robust, while the finish is impeccable. Of course, we would expect nothing less from such a high-end electric toothbrush.

The iO 10 is, therefore, a beautiful object that can be displayed without shame. Fortunately, since this toothbrush is destined to take pride of place in the bathroom, on its charging base that should be placed in evidence near the sink – which nevertheless requires the possibility of doing so, with a power socket nearby (length of the charger cable: 90 cm). This base differs from other Oral-B iO toothbrushes in their usefulness during brushing.

Intelligent base to guide brushing

As soon as you start brushing your teeth, its discreetly integrated screen on its edge – which indicates the time the rest of the time – displays the brushing time. Practical, although this information is also displayed on the colour screen of the toothbrush. Of particular interest are the 6 segments of a luminous circle integrated above the base, representing the 6 zones of the jaw to assist us during brushing. You can enjoy a “guided” brushing, similar to the one proposed by the Oral-B application, thanks to the 3D tracking function of the toothbrush (only available on iO 9 and iO 10).

Suppose we appreciate not having to use the app at each brushing to benefit from this “coaching”. In that case, the system’s precision integrated on the base is, however, lesser since its luminous segments do not indicate if the toothbrush is located on the top of the internal and external faces of the teeth. As many segments (16) as in the application should have been available.

Despite this limitation, guided brushing still ensures you spend enough time on each area of your jaw. A complete brush is indicated by a change in the colour of the light segments on the base (from blue to white), until they flash. We also benefit from pressure detection, with the segments lighting up red if we press too hard on our teeth. An alert that the iO 10 itself can display with its light ring at the base of the brush. The toothbrush also indicates whether the brushing pressure is sufficient (green) or too low (blue).


The Oral-B app to go further

Optional as it may be, guided brushing encourages you to be rigorous so as not to go too fast over some regions of the jaw. Brushing experts will happily do without it, just like the Oral-B app. However, the latter provides additional information that will be appreciated by perfectionists who want to achieve the highest possible brushing scores.

The app also allows you to create brushing routines if you need advice on how to improve the whiteness of your teeth, fight bad breath or plaque, take care of your gums or maintain the braces of any braces. Here again, nothing is indispensable, but it is an interesting aid for those who need advice and reminders to perfect their oral hygiene.

3 types of brushes

There is no risk of being lost if you don’t use the application, as the Oral-B iO 10 has a small colour screen that displays the main information and even gives you a little smile when the brushing time is respected. It is also via this screen that you select the brushing mode from the 7 available (clean, intense, white, tongue cleaning, gum care, gentle and extra gentle).

These modes are truly different from each other, adapted to different dental sensitivities and can be combined with specific brushes such as Gentle Care for sensitive gums or Radiant White for polishing teeth.

An efficient head

Regarding the quality of brushing, there is no change compared to other iO toothbrushes. We find the oscillo-rotating technology dear to Oral-B (capable of a frequency of 17 000 movements per minute, according to the manufacturer), coupled with micro-vibrations generated by a magnetic system. The result is outstanding efficiency, with the small round head quickly reaching behind the molars and the inner surfaces of the teeth in general.

Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush 2

Battery life

The Oral-B can be used for 10 days with two 2-minute brushings per day. When using guided brushing, however, we find that the duration of a full brush can quickly exceed 2 min 30 sec. If you add in the other steps of a brushing routine, such as regular tongue brushing, the battery life in several days necessarily drops. Count on a week of use under these conditions.

However, as the Oral-B iO 10 comes with a magnetic charging base, it is easy to keep it charged, as the toothbrush will tend to remain constantly on it. However, there is no need to leave it there for very long, as a full charge takes only 3 hours.

The iO 10 is supplied with a carrying case for inductive charging. It’s a shame, however, that it has to be powered by the same charger as the Sense base, as this forces you to unplug the latter every time you travel and to carry an extra charger. A USB-C charge with the same charger as our computer or smartphone would have been more convenient.


Oral-B electric toothbrushes tend to be rather noisy, and this iO Series 10 will unfortunately not change this reputation. At a distance of 10cm from our sound level meter – roughly the distance between the mouth and ear – it emits no less than 70dB(A) in standard brushing mode.

Admittedly, once the brush is in the mouth, it is not deafening either, but it can hit sensitive ears and disturb other house occupants who sleep not far from the bathroom, for example. The “extra soft” mode can be used to reduce the noise level a little at the expense of the intensity of the vibrations.


Richly endowed, the Oral-B iO Series 10 electric toothbrush is pleasant and effective. Without making itself indispensable, its intelligent Sense base ensures an induction charge. It allows you to take advantage of guided brushing without opening the Oral-B app for less restrictive daily use. However, these additions translate into a hefty price tag without making the toothbrush any more effective than the lower end of the iO series – with the same brushing technology. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the price, depending on your technological appetite and financial means.


Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush, Gifts For Women / Men, 1 Handle, 1 Ultimate Clean Toothbrush Head & Charging Travel Case, 7 Modes Including Sense Smart Charger, 2 Pin UK Plug, Cosmic Black

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