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Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro – Mechanical Keyboard

Razer updates its flagship keyboard with the BlackWidow V4 Pro, a no-compromise model that breathes new life into the range.


  • Simple and convincing design
  • Comprehensive features
  • Well-designed wrist rest
  • Good performance


  • Noisy (with green switches)
  • Some software limitations

The Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro Gamer Keyboard is a significant evolution compared to the V3. It retains a simple, modern chassis and the brand’s traditional green and yellow switches.

It differs from the previous generation with the return of dedicated macro keys on its left side, accompanied by three additional buttons on edge and a fully customisable scroll wheel. In short, Razer seems to have created a direct competitor to Corsair‘s K100 RGB.

Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro 3


We liked the design of the BlackWidow V3, and Razer decided to continue the adventure with a similar chassis. The body is once again made of plastic, on which a black metal plate is placed, contributing to the keyboard’s good rigidity. So, we particularly appreciate the sobriety of the whole.

The first new feature that stands out is the addition of RGB lighting that runs along the edges of the keyboard and extends to the wrist rest, which is magnetic and very comfortable. It has an excellent textured leatherette cover and is very pleasant to use without the problems of the V3.

The switches are again positioned right on the metal plate and are topped with the same rough ABS keys. While their texture works well and limits grease build-up, we would have preferred PBT keys, which are much more durable. The RGB lighting is logically part of the package, and we still regret that some characters do not benefit from it, especially on the special characters row…

Four separate buttons have replaced the action button dedicated to the multimedia controls. Their finish gives them a remarkable premium appearance but makes it impossible to “read” the symbols on them. It is, therefore, necessary to memorise their functions. The large volume control wheel is still present and is practical and pleasant to use.

Like Corsair’s K100 RGB, the BlackWidow V4 Pro now has several additional, customisable buttons on the left-hand side. There are five macro buttons, an action wheel and three side buttons on the left side. The latter is susceptible and therefore requires a little practice to master, especially when the user has to reposition the keyboard. The scroll wheel would also have benefited from being further away from the rest of the keys. Bumping into them is common when you want to operate the wheel…



We use the usual Razer Synapse driver software to detail customise the BlackWidow V4 Pro. The tool is as easy to use as ever and allows you to reassign all the keys on the keyboard using a variety of functions. Similarly, the RGB lighting can be changed using various settings.

The five macro keys and the three side buttons can be configured in the same way as all other keys on the keyboard. By default, they provide quick access to the screen capture interface or the Game Bar.
There are also various presets associated with the scroll wheel. For example, you can change the keyboard’s brightness, change the active application or activate Windows zoom. Switching between the different modes is done simply by pressing the wheel, which is colour-coded for each mode. This is not always practical, depending on the number of functions created, but Razer had a good idea of adding a pop-up indication at each change.

Of course, the user can still create his actions for this wheel. The options here are slightly more limited than the other keys, but macros are fortunately available. The possibilities are virtually endless, and the default settings can be disabled.

Profiles could have made much sense here with this wheel and the associated buttons. Unfortunately, the actions of the wheel are completely independent of the profiles, and it is impossible to switch between functions automatically. Furthermore, the customised actions of the wheel require Synapse to be running.

Finally, if it matters, the BlackWidow V4 can be used at a polling rate of 8000 Hz. However, with its many buttons and a scroll wheel, it is positioned more as an all-purpose keyboard for both gaming and creative and office use.



Finally, it’s almost on the performance level that the Razer BlackWidow V4 disappoints a little. Indeed, Razer has kept things simple by using the same mechanical switches as the previous generation. The keyboard is offered with either the yellow switches discovered on the V3 Mini HyperSpeed or the traditional green ones that we will discuss here.

During our test of the BlackWidow V3, we appreciated the reactivity of these green switches, which are very noisy due to the audible click they emit when activated. The activation point is located at 1.9 mm, and the required activation force is 50 g.

However, the snake brand has applied the same acoustic treatment as on the V3 Mini with a double layer of insulation and lubrication of the stabilizers. It is, however, difficult to take advantage of this on our test copy because of its clicky switches, but we do notice a very contained resonance.

Use the up/down arrows to increase or decrease the volume.
In short, even if it offers excellent performance, we would have liked the BlackWidow V4 Pro to benefit from more qualitative switches, which is present at Razer.


The Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro keyboard is an all-rounder, equally at home in games or the office, thanks to its performance and many buttons. The Synapse driver also makes it easy to enjoy without the hassle.

Razer has done a great job constructing its new keyboard, which feels solid and maintains the usual sobriety of the BlackWidow range. On these points, it’s a no-fail.

Although they are still very effective, more convincing switches are needed.


Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Razer Chroma RGB (Green Mechanical Switches, Command Dial and 8 Dedicated Macro Keys, Multi-Function Roller) US Layout | Black

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Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Yellow Mechanical Switches - Linear & Silent - Doubleshot ABS Keycaps - Command Dial - Programmable Macros - Chroma RGB - Magnetic Wrist Rest

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