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Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Battery

The Spotlight Cam Pro is an improved version of the Spotlight Cam. Available with or without a battery, it incorporates new technology for motion detection but does not revolutionise the range.


  • Build quality
  • Highly sensitive motion detection
  • Good image quality day and night
  • Powerful speaker
  • Well thought out app


  • No microSD slot
  • Inconvenient mounting system
  • No vehicle or package detection


Ring is a specialist in connected doorbells and offers cameras, particularly the Spotlight Cam Pro Battery.
In particular, it inherits the 3D motion detection and an aerial view of the higher-end Video Doorbells and promises a better audio experience. The 2MP sensor of the original model is still there, and the LED projectors allow you to enjoy colourful images at night.

Ergonomics and installation
Ring has just revised the original design for this Pro version of the Spotlight Cam. The camera is very cubic, about 15 cm high and 8 cm wide. The lens is still caught between the two LED projectors, but the PIR sensor for motion detection has been moved up to make room for a large speaker grill under the camera. This is the main change when compared to previous models.

Despite the almost exclusive use of plastic, the build quality is good, as is the rain protection (IP65). We also appreciate the fact that there are some unique features, such as a slot for a second battery. The user can thus extend the autonomy of the camera, but unfortunately, no estimate is given.

On the other hand, it is impossible to recharge the batteries when they are in the camera, primarily since a USB-C port is located at the back. Ring only provides a micro-USB cable to connect directly to the batteries, which are, however, easily accessible by turning the base slightly. This also means that it is impossible to leave this model continuously connected, as with other models such as Google’s Nest Cam (battery). This requires the purchase of a separately sold connection kit or a wired model to start with (Wired or Plug-In).

The possibility of adjusting the height of the attachment point on the back of the camera is another good idea. However, the locking system could be more precise. The small camera ball slides into a hollow sphere and is locked with a metal collar that is difficult to hold during operation and requires a screwdriver. The whole unit is then fitted onto a plate that is screwed to the wall. Ring provides the four screws and the plugs, but we would have liked to find an alternative system to fix the camera around a post, for example, as Reolink offers with the Argus 3 Pro.

As well as being self-powered, the Spotlight Cam Pro does not require an Ethernet cable. It does not include the ad hoc port but is compatible with 2.4/5 GHz wifi. Pairing with the Android app was no problem during our test. Just follow the steps on the screen. In addition, the app provides some installation tips for those who need help with how to proceed or how high to mount the device, for example (Ring advises between 2.5 and 3.5 m).

The app quickly gives an overview of the Ring Protect subscription, which is essential for enjoying video recordings without a microSD port. The cloud certainly has the advantage of maintaining access to recordings if the camera is stolen, but it involves additional costs. It should be remembered that Ring has allowed itself. It should be remembered that Ring has allowed itself some deviations in the treatment of its users’ data in the past.

Image quality

The Spotlight Cam Pro has retained the same imaging recipe as its predecessor. There’s a 2-megapixel sensor capable of delivering 1080p HD recordings with a 140-degree view and the ability to film in colour at night, thanks to onboard projectors. An infrared, black & white view is available for night shooting, while an HDR mode should enhance the image in difficult lighting situations, especially backlighting. No quality or definition settings are offered here, let alone colourimetry. Surprisingly, Ring has yet to jump to 2K or even 4K with its new high-end camera.

But it is not alone. Its main rival Google has also opted for a maximum definition of 1920 x 1080 pixels for its Nest Cam (battery), which did not prevent it from excelling in our tests. So it’s a natural rival for our usual comparison.

Audio quality

The Spotlight Cam Pro relies on Audio+ technology to ensure a quality audio experience… and we weren’t disappointed. Its speaker reproduces a clear and surprisingly powerful sound. It should have no trouble carrying the user’s voice to visitors’ ears, even on windy days. As for the microphone, this is another pleasant surprise. Noises, voices, but also whispers are picked up from a distance of several metres. On the other hand, a small beep is constantly heard in the background and the sound coming out of the phone is a little quieter live than on the recordings.

Ring has also equipped its camera with a siren and advertises its power at 105 dB(A). However, when we placed our sound level meter 1 metre in front of the camera, we only measured 86 dB(A) at best. Not really enough to cause panic in the neighbourhood.


The Spotlight Cam Pro doesn’t revolutionise the Ring series of outdoor cameras, but it retains its predecessor’s strengths while making minor improvements. Motion detection is a little more efficient, and the sound quality is better. While the image quality is still outstanding, this new camera is an excellent choice for keeping an eye on your property, especially if you have other Ring equipment or Amazon Echo devices.


Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Battery by Amazon | Outdoor Security Camera 1080p HDR Video, 3D Motion Detection, Bird's-Eye View, LED Spotlights, alternative to CCTV | 30-day free trial of Ring Protect

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Introducing Ring Spotlight Cam Pro, Battery | 3D Motion Detection, Two-Way Talk with Audio+, and Dual-Band Wifi (2022 release) - White

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