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Samsung BESPOKE Jet Complete Extra Bagless 0.5 L 580 W


  • Ingenious suction station
  • Strong suction power
  • Good handling


  • Expensive

Design and Quality

At first glance, the design of the vacuum cleaner does not seem to have changed that much compared to its predecessor. Samsung again uses the pistol-grip design with the dust container on top and no “trigger” on the handle. Instead, as with the predecessor, there are again thumb-operated buttons: on/off, plus and minus. In contrast to the Dyson V15 Detect (test report), a switch does not have to be held down constantly during operation. Our blue test device is only blue in two places: on the dust container surrounding the vacuum cleaner and on the body of the suction station. However, this is not a bright blue but rather a pastel shade. The rest is kept in dignified anthracite.

All in all, the Bespoke Jet appears to be of a higher quality than its predecessor and its grey shade, but with the same good quality of workmanship. The fact that even with such an expensive vacuum cleaner, not everything is utterly wobble-free due to the frequent use of plastic is annoying on the one hand but no different from the competition. On the other hand, plastic makes the vacuum comparatively light and handy: the Bespoke Jet weighs just 2.7 kg. The suction tube is primarily made of metal. Great: Like its predecessor, it can be adjusted in length, making the vacuum equally suitable for both short and tall people. Too bad: Like its predecessor, the vacuum only fits on the stand when the telescopic tube is retracted. Strangely, Samsung hasn’t changed this as well.

While the vacuum itself is pretty similar to its predecessor, the stand, which provides easy and practical storage in the corner of a room or in a broom cupboard, has been completely redesigned. As already indicated, it is no longer a pure stand. Instead, a combination of a stand and the suction device called Clean Station, which was still sold separately from the predecessor, is used. A 63-centimetre-high and 17-centimetre-wide cylinder, which contains the actual suction device, sits on a round base. The vacuum cleaner is hung on the top of the cylindrical device with the dust container on top and is safely stowed there. The suction tube nestles seamlessly against a moulding of the suction station, and an installed brush head then hangs partially below the cylinder. For this purpose, the suction station stands on only one foot, which, coming from behind at an angle, leaves enough space for the brush head. This design gives the entire device almost the impression that the extraction cylinder is floating-chic and high-quality. Held in this way, the Bespoke Jet charges automatically via contacts without having to plug in an extra cable anywhere.

The back of the plastic suction station is held magnetically to the body by inlays. Underneath, the user not only finds another plastic plate behind which the dust bag of the station is located but also illustrated instructions on how to replace the bag. The extraction is done at the push of a button. The corresponding button is located on the back at the upper edge of the cylinder. It ends either by pressing the button again or automatically after a few seconds. The placement of the button at the back is our most considerable criticism: it remains hidden from the user if he sets up the suction and storage station so that he can easily remove the suction cup from the front and put it back in the holder. In addition, he then sees neither the display of the vacuum cleaner, which is turned on the holder and thus shows the charging status of the battery “the right way round”, nor the coloured LED of the battery with the same task.

Since the vacuum stand has become a suction station, there are no storage options for accessories such as different brush heads or various nozzles. Instead, Samsung includes a not quite knee-high stand in the scope of delivery, which holds all accessories and can be taken into the rooms to be cleaned thanks to the carrying handle. However, unlike its predecessor, the Jet 90, the second battery is no longer charged on the stand – impractical. This means that the second battery is likely to be relegated to a substitute for most users should the first one show signs of fatigue at some point.


Apart from that, the Bespoke Jet proved to be extremely handy in the test, as the weight is not excessively high, and the dual-brush brush head is very movable. Tilted 90 degrees to the side, you can even vacuum under a sofa. The vacuum has four power levels, but there is no automatic carpet or dirt detection. In operation, the calculated remaining runtime is indicated in minutes, which in our experience is quite close to reality. For example, the cordless vacuum cleaner indicates 42, 24, 14 and 9 minutes of runtime for the suction levels Min, Mid, Max and Jet. This is slightly less than its predecessor and less than the Dyson V15 but sufficient for everyday use. This is not only because a second battery is included but also because the lowest power level is easily acceptable on hard floors.

In everyday use, we only used this lowest level on tiles and laminate, on the carpet, mainly the second, rarely the third and rarely the fourth level. With the second battery at the latest, cleaning 240 square metres is no problem. The charging time is around 3.5 hours; unfortunately, with the new model, this only works in the vacuum cleaner, which then has to hang on the station. The predecessor Jet 90 also charges the unused second battery in the accessory stand.

The accessories included in the delivery scope are convincing- except for the spinning sweeper, which is included with our test model. Since the two rotating mops have to be cleaned by hand, we hardly see any work relief here. If you want to mop to be as easy as vacuuming, you should look at the suction mops with fresh and waste water tanks that we tested.

We are, however, convinced by the suction station. We already mentioned in the design section that the button for the suction, the display and the coloured LED on the battery are turned away from the user so that these indicators for the battery charge cannot be seen. The suction itself, however, works perfectly. After pressing the button, the 500 ml dust container is opened downwards, and the dirt is removed with rhythmic suction. This is not particularly loud, and the user does not come into contact with the dust – which is an advantage for allergy sufferers. The rest are simply happy about less effort. The Samsung Bespoke Jet sucks up enough dust and other dirt during work without a doubt. In the test, there was no dirt that the vacuum cleaner did not inhale without any problems. With the dual-brush attachment for carpet and hard floor, it not only removes deep-seated dirt but even pet’s hair amazingly well, thanks to the bristle roller. There is no noticeable or visible difference to the currently most expensive Dyson model, the very powerful V15 Detect.

However, the Dual Brush sometimes has problems with “higher” dirt. For example, if you want to vacuum up a pile of dirt or several hairballs, the dual brush may push the dirt in front of it. The reason seems to be that the front hard floor roller is not motor-driven and only rotates due to the suction movement the user makes by pushing the vacuum cleaner. This is insufficient to give the dirt sufficient spin to the motorised main brush. In addition, the front brush closes off the suction area quite well, which means that only very small dirt such as sand reaches the main brush quickly and directly. This small design flaw is not serious in our eyes, and users should not have any problems with it in everyday use. Nevertheless, we are surprised by the lack of care in the design – we are not used to this from perfectionist Samsung.


This is another real highlight of the cordless vacuum cleaner market. It doesn’t matter that the vacuum has hardly been further developed and that the Dual Brush is not perfect in all situations. The Bespoke Jet is now even more practical thanks to the suction station alone, which we already found remarkable in the predecessor Samsung Jet 90, even though it had to be purchased separately there. The integration into the storage stand, on which the vacuum cleaner now only has to be placed for charging and emptying without further handling, is almost ingenious. Almost, because there is no more space for accessories, and the user can’t see the control button, the vacuum’s display or the LED display on the battery thanks to the chic shape of the suction station – but there’s always something. The Samsung Bespoke Jet is a top-quality cordless vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have to hide from any other model on the market. However, Samsung is willing to pay a lot for this.


Samsung BESPOKE Jet Complete Extra Bagless 0.5 L 580 W Black

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