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Samsung HW-Q930C Review: Ultimate Sound in a Complete Set


  • Homogeneous and balanced sound output.
  • Accurately reproduced side surround effects.
  • Astonishingly powerful sound.
  • Remarkable subwoofer (responsive, precise, powerful).
  • Thoughtfully designed.


  • Slightly muddled elevation effects.
  • Tiny display, lacking an interface on the television.
  • Does not support 4K/120 Hz streams and VRR.
Samsung HW-Q930C

The Samsung HW-Q930C is a soundbar complemented by a subwoofer and two rear satellites, delivering a 9.1.4 channel output. It’s compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, designed to provide the best possible cinema experience.

Key Highlights

Part of Samsung’s 2023 soundbar range, the HW-930C resembles the HW-Q800C, which is almost identical to the HW-Q800B. Its distinction lies in the inclusion of a pair of surround satellites and two extra speakers within the bar, aiming for more advanced spatialisation and immersion. For a comprehensive understanding, we suggest reading our HW-Q800C review, as this evaluation will focus on the addition of these satellites and speakers.

The satellites, similar in size to those with the HW-Q990C (measuring 13 x 20 x 14 cm), match the bar in build quality. They are made of plastic with metal grilles protecting the speakers. However, they differ from the premium model’s satellites, as they lack side-facing speakers, featuring them only on the top and front. The bar itself differs slightly from the HW-Q800C by including two extra speakers. In combination with the subwoofer, it thus reproduces 7.1.2 channels, with the satellites extending this to 9.1.4 channels. With 17 speakers in total, the HW-Q930C offers more immersive spatialisation than the HW-Q800C, particularly due to the satellites that produce authentic rear surround effects. It’s important to select the Surround listening mode to fully benefit from the satellites. Moreover, the additional speakers in the bar help to integrate effects with the satellites, but their impact on expanding the soundstage isn’t markedly noticeable. There remains a slight imprecision in the placement of various side effects. Furthermore, while elevation effects are more prominent with the satellites, they still appear somewhat unclear and don’t convincingly seem to come from above. For other aspects like build quality, connectivity, user experience, and sound quality, the HW-Q930C mirrors the HW-Q800C. For further details, we refer you back to our HW-Q800C review.

Samsung HW-Q930C 3


Very similar to the HW-Q800C, the Samsung HW-Q930C sets itself apart with more immersive spatialisation, especially due to the two satellites providing genuine rear surround effects. In other respects, it’s very much the same. The HW-Q930C stands out as an excellent soundbar, plunging you into the action with its overwhelming energy.


Samsung Q930C Soundbar Speaker (2023) - 17 Speaker Home Sound System With Adaptive Sound, Wireless Dolby Atmos And Wireless Subwoofer, Alexa Built In, Smart Surround Sound, Bluetooth, WiFi & Airplay

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