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Samsung Odyssey Neo Quantum LED G85NB


  • Extreme HDR up to 2,000 candela
  • Breathtaking gaming performance incl. G-Sync
  • Sufficiently many connections
  • Height-adjustable stand


  • Expensive

With the Odyssey Neo G8, Samsung wants to appeal to demanding gamers with a powerful system and a big wallet. This is because Samsung uses a combination of the extremely high 4K resolution and a fast refresh rate of 240 Hz. Such panels are still costly, especially since Samsung uses a VA panel with mini-LED technology. This drastically improves the contrasts and ensures a powerful HDR image due to a maximum luminosity of 2,000 candela in HDR mode. With such high frame rates, it is all the more beneficial that the screen has been given G-Sync support. This minimises tearing effects should the frame rates fluctuate strongly. You have two HDMI type 2.1 sockets and a DisplayPort 1.4 connection. Two USB-A ports take care of your peripherals or charge your smartphone. The back of the screen has a futuristic look and is also impressively illuminated. Height adjustability ensures pleasant comfort for your daily work in front of the screen.


Samsung Odyssey Neo Quantum Mini LED G85NB LS32BG850NUXXU 32" Curved 244Hz, 1ms, 4K 3840x2160, HDR2000, HDMI 2.1

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Highest Price £1,298.99 November 7, 2023
Lowest Price £750.00 February 7, 2024
Since July 13, 2023

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£994.01 March 15, 2024
£1,100.00 March 3, 2024
£1,199.00 February 8, 2024
£750.00 February 7, 2024
£1,280.60 February 2, 2024
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