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Sennheiser RS 5200: Superior TV Audio Experience


  • User-friendly with superb sound quality.
  • Innovative under-chin design for comfort.
  • Long battery life and replaceable battery.
  • Pre-paired with transmitter for easy setup.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Unconventional chin-band design.
  • Sound optimised for speech clarity, limiting musical versatility.
  • Limited special functions when multiple headphones are connected.

The Sennheiser RS 5200 benefits immensely from the manufacturer’s extensive experience with wireless headphones. It is user-friendly, comes with numerous fittings, and delivers superb sound quality.

The Sennheiser RS 5200 is a true specialist, excelling not just in functionality with televisions but also in acoustic properties. Designed as a wireless neckband headphone, it features an innovative band running under the chin instead of over the head and has small in-ear pieces instead of large ear cups. Sennheiser has taken a somewhat different approach than usual.

Sennheiser RS 5200 2

This model revisits a proven concept, updating it with modern transmission technology. While the predecessors used infrared for wireless transmission, the RS 5200 employs radio frequency. A clear advantage of this design is its under-the-chin placement.

The headphones feature a large control unit with straightforward buttons for volume control and a button to select the desired audio mode. The earpieces automatically turn on when unfolded and inserted into the ears and switch off when folded and put away.

However, individuals with pacemakers implanted near where the Sennheiser’s box hangs should, as a precaution, consider a different design. Although the box contains only the receiver and complies with all necessary radio technical standards, safety is paramount.

Additionally, the box houses the battery, which provides more than 15 hours of sound after a full charge in the charging cradle. The integrated battery is compact and replaceable, making the RS 5200 a long-term investment.

The package includes eartips for in-ear headphones – two sizes in silicone to accommodate different ear sizes and two in foam for better noise isolation.

The wireless headphones are pre-paired with the transmitter, requiring no further setup beyond connection and activation. Up to four wireless headphones can be connected to the transmitter simultaneously, each with individual volume settings. However, some special functions, such as battery status or different hearing profiles, are not available when more than one headphone is connected.

Sennheiser RS 5200 3

Elegant Charging Station Included

The flat design of the charging/transmitter station is inconspicuous next to the television, with the equally flat headphones resting on it. The battery in the neckband is fully recharged in about three hours.

The connection panel of the transmitter station may seem sparse with just three sockets, one for power, but it is quite versatile. The analogue and digital interfaces, together with the supplied cables and adapters, cover everything offered by standard TV audio outputs.

Sound Quality

The Sennheiser RS 5200 is optimised for television use, meaning its sound is particularly tailored for speech clarity. It can also be used with a HiFi system, but its sound is not on par with dedicated HiFi headphones.

Depending on listening habits and source material, three different hearing profiles can be activated. With the profiles off, the signal is transmitted unaltered. Balance can also be adjusted.

The Sennheiser RS 5200 is perfect for television use. It doesn’t unnecessarily isolate you from your surroundings, allowing for an unobstructed television experience, whether alone or with others.

Sennheiser RS 5200 1


The Sennheiser RS 5200 excels in providing a high-quality audio experience for television viewers, with its innovative design and user-friendly features. Its long battery life and easy setup process are significant advantages. However, its higher cost and design focused on speech clarity may not appeal to everyone, particularly those seeking a more versatile headphone for music. Despite these limitations, the RS 5200 is an excellent choice for a dedicated TV headphone solution.

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