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Sennheiser TV Clear Set


  • Very good sound quality
  • No time lag between picture and sound
  • Can compensate for hearing loss


  • Quite expensive

In-ear headphones for TV

At the heart of the Sennheiser TV, Clear Set are in-ear television headphones. The practical test explains what distinguishes them from normal Bluetooth models.

The Sennheiser TV Clear Set comfortably provides better TV sound: the small in-ear headphones are comfortable and discreet to wear, and the connection to the TV works without a cable. A wireless adapter is included in the scope of delivery, as is a charging cradle. The sound quality is very good, with decent treble and bass, which is not annoying even when listening for a long time.

The Sennheiser TV Clear Set already reveals what it is intended for with its product name: for clear TV sound, especially for people with hearing difficulties. The scope of delivery includes wireless in-ear headphones with a charging cradle. The earplugs resemble ordinary Bluetooth in-ears, but their housings are quite thick. For a better fit in the ears, Sennheiser provides sealing rubbers in different sizes and small rubber hooks in different shapes and sizes. Once the right combination has been found through patient trial and error, the Sennheisers fit very comfortably and securely. The volume can be adjusted with small, easy-to-feel buttons, and the sound pauses automatically when the headphones are removed.

Sennheiser TV Clear Set Review

Also included is a tiny radio transmitter for connecting to the TV. This can be a classic headphone or optical digital output; Sennheiser also supplies both cables. The transmitter gets power from the TV via USB. Very practical: the TV’s speakers can remain in operation, and the in-ears reproduce the sound absolutely synchronously without annoying echo effects. This way, the TV can be used by the whole family, and the Sennheiser set plays along as support. Connection via Bluetooth is also possible, but only a few TVs allow simultaneous playback via the speakers. The sound of the Sennheiser TV Clear Set is pleasant and discreet, with restrained bass and treble. Five sound modes can be selected at the touch of a finger, designed to compensate for hearing impairments and noticeable speech reproduction. Here, too, it is easy to find the optimal variant by simple trial and error; the sound should be clear but not excessively bright. At the same time, it remains free of annoying sharpness, which speaks for the excellent quality of the in-ears.

The Sennheiser TV-Clear set includes in-ear headphones, a charging cradle and a special wireless transmitter for connecting to TVs.


Thanks to the complete scope of delivery, the Sennheiser TV Clear Set can be connected to practically any TV without any problems. Handling is no problem, either. The sound is pleasant and undistorted. With the special playback modes, hearing impairments can be effectively counteracted.


Sennheiser TV Clear Set - Wireless TV Earphones with Passive Noise Cancellation and Bluetooth - Comfortable, Wireless In-ear TV Headset

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