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Soundcore Anker Liberty 4 Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Anker launched a new true-wireless earbud with the Soundcore Liberty 4. It features noise-cancelling and aims to impress with great sound. This intention is familiar, and the Anker headphones sound like the next interchangeable model in the big True-Wireless world. However, the Soundcore Liberty 4 have an exciting extra on board. The test reveals what it is and whether the in-ears are convincing.


  • Powerful sound
  • Heartbeat sensor
  • Very comfortable fit


  • Mids a little quiet
  • Moderate battery life
Anker Liberty 4 2

Built Quality

With a starting price of £140, the Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 are in the middle price range. However, the earpieces look more expensive than they are. This is due to the high-quality-looking plastic of the housing. The body looks almost like it was cast from one piece and is a combination of a rod and a bean-shaped earphone piece. This in turn leads into a short driver arm, which is enclosed by the rubber attachment. Three different sized tips (S, M and L) are supplied by the manufacturer. This is common in this price range, but with models like the Liberty 3 Pro, you are used to a more varied choice of attachments.
Nevertheless, the Anker headphones sit very comfortably and firmly in the ears. They don’t exert any pressure, but don’t fall out of your ears even when you move around a lot. Their housing has an IPX4 protection rating and is thus safe from drops of water and sweat.


For playback and ambient mode controls, gently squeeze the earpiece’s sides. The various commands can be triggered with single, double and triple presses. This worked in the test, and there were no typos. In the free app “Soundcore” (for iOS and Android), the functions that should be on the buttons can be selected. The application also provides information about the charging status of the earphones and the carrying case. More exciting are the sound and fitness functions of the app.

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Anker Liberty 4 - 4


Behind the “Soundcore Health” item are some exciting extras for sporty music fans. The Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 have a heart rate sensor and can measure the current heartbeat. The app saves this data and displays it in a clear diagram. Training monitoring can also be found in the app. Amateur athletes can see how high their heartbeat and the calories burned are when jogging in the park. In addition, the in-ears can determine the head position and warn users, for example, if they hold their head in an unhealthy position for too long.


An individual hearing profile can be set via the app. Users must complete a small hearing test on their smartphone to do this. The mobile phone analyses the data and adjusts the sound based on it. With good hearing, however, nothing changes in the sound, and users can select the manufacturer’s preset. In the default setting, the sound is nice and clear and balanced. However, the trebles are quite sharp, which is noticeable, among other things, with a sharp hissing sound during hi-hat attacks. This is not unpleasant but sounds somewhat unnatural. The voice reproduction is better. The vocals sound clean but could be stronger. This also applies to the mids, which decrease in lower frequency ranges. The result is a somewhat wiry sound that might particularly annoy metal fans.
On the other hand, the full basses put on a lot of pressure. They deliver a voluminous foundation and remain powerful even in low ranges. This may spur some music fans to peak performance, but the low frequencies have a slight tendency to rumble.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 earbuds 4

Active Noise Cancelling

The Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 also uses the created sound profile for active noise-cancelling. The noise-cancelling can act independently and, for example, increases the noise filtering in noisy environments (adaptive). Inside the wireless in-ears are microphones that capture environmental noise. At the same time, they send sound waves in opposite directions to the ears. The sound waves of the noises and those of the headphones overlap, and silence is created. This works well, and the adaptive anti-noise is effective. In particular, low, constant noises are quieter.
On the other hand, noise-cancelling is powerless against voices, but in the best case, the music covers up the chattering fellow travellers. If users want to pay attention to their surroundings, they switch to transparency mode. This allows noises to reach the ears almost unchecked. This function is beneficial if you want to listen to training announcements. In addition, the transparency mode offers two options: On the one hand, the earpieces let everything through, and on the other, only voices – practical.

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Battery Life

With noise-cancelling switched on (highest level), the Liberty 4 played for just five hours and 18 minutes. That’s a good value, but some similarly priced competitors like the JBL Reflect Aero TWS already crack the ten-hour mark. On the other hand, the True Wireless headphones score points with their fixed charging time. Ten minutes in the charging case gives the Anker in-ears two hours and 18 minutes of power. The transport case visually matches the stylish earpieces, and Anker has taken shape from the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. The handy box has a high-quality finish and can even be powered wirelessly using an inductive charging pad. A white light on the front flap that can be pushed up provides information about the current charging status. The LEDs on the rubber ends of the headphones are efficient. This makes it easier to remove the in-ears in a dark environment.


The Soundcore Liberty 4 are the best wireless in-ears from Anker to date. The chic in-ears are especially exciting for sporty music fans, as they have practical extras such as a heartbeat sensor and a water-resistant housing (IPX4). The dominant bass has the power to propel the wearer during daily workouts. For normal listening on the couch, however, they seem a little too brisk. The sound character also focuses on the treble. These are nice and clear but also quite sharp. The Liberty 4’s battery life is not at its best. After five hours and 18 minutes, the headphones run out of battery. This is a shame, as the very pleasant wearing comfort invites you to listen to music for hours.

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soundcore by Anker Liberty 4, Noise Cancelling Earbuds, True Wireless Earbuds with ACAA 3.0, Dual Dynamic Drivers for Hi-Res Premium Sound, Spatial Audio with Dual Modes, All-New Heart Rate Sensor

Price: £139.99
as of March 31, 2023 11:50 pm
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Current Price £139.99 March 31, 2023
Highest Price £139.99 March 3, 2023
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Since March 3, 2023

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£111.99 March 28, 2023
£139.99 March 3, 2023

Soundcore by Anker Liberty 4, Noise Cancelling Earbuds, True Wireless Earbuds with ACAA 3.0, Dual Dynamic Drivers for Hi-Res Premium Sound, Spatial Audio with Dual Modes, All-New Heart Rate Sensor

Price: $129.99
as of March 31, 2023 11:50 pm
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Price History


Current Price $129.99 March 31, 2023
Highest Price $129.99 March 3, 2023
Lowest Price $129.99 March 3, 2023
Since March 3, 2023

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$129.99 March 3, 2023
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