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Synology BeeDrive Review: Compact SSD Backup


  • Relatively compact.
  • Intuitive and efficient BeeDrive software.
  • USB-A adaptor included.


  • Average data transfer rates.
  • Plastic casing.
  • Mandatory Synology account creation.

The Synology BeeDrive is a small, compact portable SSD that aims to distinguish itself with its software suite and effective automatic backup capability.


Known for its storage solutions, including internal NAS and SSDs, Synology has ventured into the external SSD market with the BeeDrive. While this model doesn’t stand out for its design, its uniqueness lies in the software. A dedicated application serves as an automatic backup for both PC and Mac, and it can also back up data from smartphones.

Priced over £150 for the 1TB version (now around £140), Synology’s BeeDrive is more expensive than many competitors, who price their products under £100. The SSD is backed by a three-year warranty, and Synology advertises 1050 MB/s read and write speeds. Let’s assess whether its performance and backup hub meet expectations.

Synology Beedrive 2


Measuring 6.5 x 6.5 cm and weighing 43 g, the BeeDrive is a small, square SSD. It’s not the most compact or the lightest in our comparison, but it can easily fit into a pocket.

Its design is basic, featuring a matte black plastic shell. Unfortunately, it lacks aluminium for better heat dissipation and a rubber coating for shock absorption. However, the SSD does include a USB-C to USB-A adapter for older computers.


Synology sets itself apart with integrated software for automatic file synchronisation, targeting a plug-and-play solution for less tech-savvy users. The software interface is straightforward and intuitive.

Users can choose folders to sync with the SSD, and the process is automated. The same can be done with a smartphone by connecting it to the PC application via QR Code. Files from the smartphone are transferred to the PC and BeeDrive via Wi-Fi, which is convenient.

The only drawback is the requirement to create a Synology account during setup, which seems unnecessary as no data is stored online. This integrated solution is handy, but there are similar free options available on the internet.

Synology Beedrive 3


Synology’s promised 1050 MB/s read and write speeds were surpassed in our tests on CrystalDiskMark with USB-C 3.2, achieving 1203 MB/s read and 805 MB/s write speeds. These speeds are lower than SSDs compatible with USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, which can exceed 1600 MB/s on CrystalDiskMark. However, such speeds are typically not achievable in practice. In real-world file transfers, the SSD reached 700 MB/s read and 451 MB/s write speeds for large files, and similar rates for multiple photo files. The best models today exceed 800 MB/s, and sometimes even 900 MB/s. The BeeDrive’s performance is a step below the top models but is comparable to a Samsung T7 or WD My Passport, sufficient for most users.


The Synology BeeDrive is a competent portable SSD offering a practical and effective integrated automatic backup solution, with respectable speeds. However, given the added cost compared to competitors and the availability of free file synchronisation software, along with the prevalence of cloud storage, one might question its value. For those seeking an easy solution without the need to install other software or who prefer to keep their data physically, the BeeDrive remains a compelling option.


Synology Beedrive 2TB Personal Backup SSD External

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Highest Price £206.99 February 1, 2024
Lowest Price £177.95 March 4, 2024
Since February 1, 2024

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£183.51 March 5, 2024
£177.95 March 4, 2024
£206.99 February 1, 2024

Synology BeeDrive 2TB │ Simultaneously Back up Windows Files & iOS/Android Photos │ Transfer Files from Smartphone to PC Over Wi-Fi

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Highest Price $19,999,200.00 February 9, 2024
Lowest Price $199.99 February 1, 2024
Since February 1, 2024

Last price changes

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$19,999,200.00 March 1, 2024
$19,999,200.00 February 28, 2024
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