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VANTRUE E2 – Front & Rear 2.5K WiFi GPS 


  • High video resolution
  • Voice control possible
  • Remote control included
  • USB-C and 5GHz WiFi


  • No memory card included

The Element 2 Dual 1944P Dash Cam from Vantrue stands out from many other dash cams, primarily due to its high video resolution. It delivers videos in Full HD, which are said to be particularly clear and detailed due to 1,944 pixels. Thanks to WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), the dynamic range is higher than conventional dashcams, and the camera has fewer problems with brightness contrasts, such as those caused by oncoming car headlights. This should make it easier to take pictures in the dark.
In addition to the front camera, a rear camera is included in the scope of delivery. Both cameras have a viewing angle of 160 degrees so that large areas in front of the front and rear windows are covered. The Element 2 Dual can be connected to a smartphone via WiFi and controlled by voice. A remote control is also included.


VANTRUE E2 Dash Cam Front and Rear 2.5K WiFi GPS Voice Control 1944P+1944P Dual Dashcam Wireless Remote Controller Car Camera Buffer Parking Mode WDR Night Vision Support 512GB Max

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Current Price -
Highest Price £19,999,200.00 February 9, 2024
Lowest Price £149.99 November 18, 2023
Since March 27, 2023

Last price changes

£19,999,200.00 February 26, 2024
£19,999,200.00 February 24, 2024
£19,999,200.00 February 23, 2024
£19,999,200.00 February 22, 2024
£19,999,200.00 February 21, 2024
Garmin Dash Cam 66W GPS-Enabled

Vantrue E2 Dual 2.5K Front and Rear Dash Cam with 5G WiFi, GPS & Voice Control, 1944P+1944P Car Camera, 24hrs Buffered Parking Mode, Enhanced Night Vision, Motion Detection, Capacitor, Support 512GB

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Price History


Current Price -
Highest Price $229.99 March 9, 2023
Lowest Price $30.92 January 21, 2024
Since March 9, 2023

Last price changes

$219.99 January 31, 2024
$153.99 January 25, 2024
$30.92 January 21, 2024
$121.65 January 8, 2024
$219.99 January 2, 2024
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