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Corsair K70 MAX RGB Mechanical – Gaming Keyboard


  • Exquisite finish.
  • Adjustable magnetic switches.
  • Ultra-comfortable wrist rest.
  • Individual key backlighting.
  • Double-shot PBT keycaps.
  • Dedicated multimedia keys.


  • Some keys remain noisy.
  • Wired-only design.

After the success of the K70 RGB Pro, Corsair continues its impressive streak with the introduction of the K70 Max. This version boasts an even more comfortable wrist rest and, notably, new fully-customisable magnetic switches.


The K70 Max from Corsair complements the already comprehensive K70 range, positioning itself even higher than the K70 RGB Pro we reviewed in 2022. While retaining a similar design, this version promises enhanced comfort with its new wrist rest and most notably, competition-grade magnetic switches with adjustable actuation heights. Originally, the K70 retailed for £200, but it occasionally goes on offer for around £150. The K70 Max, however, is priced at a hefty £230, albeit still less than the K100 Air’s £300 tag. At this price point, one would expect a premium experience, and we’re here to ascertain just that…

Corsair K70 MAX RGB Magnetic-Mechanical

Design & Ergonomics

At first glance, the design remains faithful to the K70 RGB Pro. The chassis continues to sport an aluminium plate for reinforced rigidity, albeit anodised this time. Measuring 44 x 16 cm (excluding the wrist rest) and weighing just shy of 2 kg, it’s evident this model isn’t designed for frequent transport. A significant addition is the magnetised wrist rest, upgraded with memory foam and a textured finish, pushing the boundaries of daily comfort and usability.

Features reminiscent of the K70 Pro include the illuminated screen on top, indicating active keys (e.g., Shift, gaming mode), profile and brightness management keys on the left, and dedicated multimedia keys on the top right. The robust and practical metal volume wheel remains a welcome touch.

Corsair K70 MAX RGB Magnetic

The craftsmanship exudes premium quality, further emphasised by the double-shot PBT keys — superior to the more common ABS keys that fade over time. Additionally, we find a detachable braided USB-C to USB-A cable and a “tournament” switch on the front edge that disables macros and sets a static backlight. Although niche, some might appreciate this feature.

Underneath, adjustable feet allow for elevation, anti-slip pads provide stability, and grooves accommodate the braided cable. A wireless model would have been a welcome addition, but the technology behind these switches doesn’t yet support that.

All function keys can be customised in Corsair’s iCUE software, offering in-depth backlighting controls. Notably, you can adjust the activation height of the switches, a key feature of this model.

Corsair K70 MAX Magnetic-Mechanical

Typing Experience

The K70 Max introduces magnetic switches, specifically the novel Corsair MGX. Although a first for Corsair, such switches have been seen on select Razer Huntsman and Steelseries Apex Pro Mini models.

Typically, switches come with a fixed actuation point. However, with magnetic switches, users can adjust the actuation height between 0.4 and 3.6 mm. This versatility allows users to tailor the typing feel to specific tasks.

Furthermore, one can set dual actions for a single key press. For instance, in gaming, a half-press might make a character walk, while a full press makes them run. The overall typing experience is top-notch, granting users comprehensive customisation freedom. However, “clicky” or “tactile” keyboard enthusiasts might need to look elsewhere. A keycap puller is also provided, along with a ‘Space’ and a ‘Corsair’ key for subtle personalisation.

Corsair’s Axion technology offers an 8000 Hz polling rate, compared to the standard 1000 Hz. Although this might seem like a marketing ploy, any performance enhancement is welcome. Lastly, Corsair has sought to rectify the resonance issue present in previous models. Some keys, however, particularly the spacebar, still resonate. This remains an area of potential improvement for such a high-end model.


With the K70 Max, Corsair builds on the success of its K70 Pro, crafting an almost perfect keyboard. It brings to the table top-quality PBT keys, extensive backlighting control, a plush wrist rest, and groundbreaking adjustable switches. The only minor issue remains with the noise from specific keys. Nonetheless, Corsair’s K70 Max is a top-tier contender in the premium keyboard market.


Corsair K70 MAX RGB Magnetic-Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard - Adjustable Actuation MGX Switches - PBT Double-Shot Keycaps - iCUE Compatible - QWERTY UK Layout - Black

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Price History


Current Price -
Highest Price £241.48 March 16, 2024
Lowest Price £129.98 January 31, 2024
Since August 25, 2023

Last price changes

£169.99 March 21, 2024
£241.48 March 16, 2024
£209.99 March 5, 2024
£188.99 March 4, 2024
£173.47 February 1, 2024

Corsair K70 MAX RGB Magnetic-Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard - Adjustable Actuation MGX Switches - PBT Double-Shot Keycaps - iCUE Compatible - QWERTY NA Layout - Black

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Price History


Current Price -
Highest Price $21,099,210.00 February 8, 2024
Lowest Price $173.22 January 17, 2024
Since August 25, 2023

Last price changes

$179.99 March 16, 2024
$210.99 February 9, 2024
$21,099,210.00 February 8, 2024
$229.99 January 31, 2024
$202.54 January 27, 2024
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