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Garmin Epix 2 – Premium Active Smartwatch


  • Superb Amoled display
  • Robust materials
  • Comprehensive mapping
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Many features
  • Highly accurate multi-band GNSS
  • Convincing battery life


  • One case size only
  • Multi-band GNSS only for Sapphire version
  • No LTE connectivity
  • The price

The Epix (Gen 2) is, without a doubt, the complete sports watch with an Amoled screen offered by Garmin… and certainly on the market.


Garmin Epix Gen 2
Screen size
1.3 inches
Screen protection
Screen resolution
454 x 454 pixels
Screen format
Heart rate sensor
Sleep analysis
Water resistance
10 ATM


The watch comes in a single case size, whereas the Fenix 7 range is available in three sizes. For the Epix (Gen 2), this will be a 47mm case, which can be considered intermediate for a Garmin watch. Its dimensions (47 mm x 47 mm x 14.5 mm) make the Epix (Gen 2) quite a behemoth. No doubt about it: the watch will stand out on your wrist. Not necessarily because of its colour but because of its size and appearance.

Note that the first iteration of the Epix had a square design. For its Gen 2, Garmin has aligned itself with the design of its other watches, with a circular screen. The Epix (Gen 2) is logically much closer to the manufacturer’s Fenix 7 watches in design and functionality. Let’s be honest: the main difference between the Epix (Gen 2) and the fēnix 7 is the screen – and by extension, the battery life.

The housing of the Garmin Epix (Gen 2) is marked with 5 physical buttons. So far, nothing unusual for a Garmin watch. As with the Fenix 7, the top right button is walled off and requires a minimum of precision to press. The aim is to avoid accidental presses, as let us remember that this button is the one that starts and stops an activity. The buttons are very clickable and pleasant to use, so we completely dispensed with touch navigation.

The back of the Epix (Gen 2) houses the usual proprietary charging port and the Elevate Gen 4 optical sensor, which is the most advanced from Garmin to date and is present on the Fenix 7, Forerunner 255 and Forerunner 955, for example. As a reminder, this sensor allows the measurement of heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

The 22mm wristband of the Epix (Gen 2) offers Garmin’s proprietary attachment system, called QuickFit. The change is quick and tool-free. You will just need to check out and get more wristbands if you feel like it. The classic silicone strap that comes with the watch in two sizes does the job for sports outings, but it’s not the most stylish for everyday use. Other alternatives will allow runners to benefit from better comfort and increased precision of the optical sensor.


The Epix (Gen 2) has been designed to combine the qualities of an outdoor sports watch with the elegant design of a lifestyle watch – if you’ll pardon the naughty anglicisms. Lifestyle and outdoor, but how? Quite simply by integrating an AMOLED screen, a technology that is still rare on such products designed for outdoor sports and adventure but which is starting to become more common lately. We can mention the Apple Watch Ultra or the Polar Ignite 3. There are also rumours of new mid-range Garmin watches with the same display technology, the Forerunner 265 and 965.

The Epix (Gen 2) is not Garmin’s first AMOLED watch, but it is undoubtedly the flagship of this technology for the brand. Understand that it is the first AMOLED watch with so many functionalities. Let us repeat it vulgarly: the Epix (Gen 2) is a fēnix 7 with an AMOLED screen.

The latter displays a definition of 416 × 416 pixels and is a real treat in everyday life. The difference with the Fenix 7 we tested is glaring. The AMOLED technology also comes into its own during sports sessions requiring integrated Garmin mapping to find your way around. It is hard to get lost in the forest with these two elements – we did manage to do so a few times. It’s also hard to return to the classic sports watch screens after using the Epix (Gen 2).



Let’s be brief: the Epix (Gen 2) is one of Garmin’s top-of-the-range watches and therefore has almost all the features and types of sports the brand allows. The classic running, cycling, swimming and other sports have the most advanced options and the list of available sports will not disappoint anyone.

As far as sensors are concerned, the Epix (Gen 2) has the following:

  • GNSS chip with multi-frequency positioning ;
  • Heart rate monitor (Garmin Elevate Gen 4) ;
  • Pulse oximeter;
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Compass ;
  • Gyroscope ;
  • Accelerometer ;
  • Thermometer;
  • Ambient light sensor.



The Garmin Epix (Gen 2) technically offers the same level of accuracy as the fēnix 7, Forerunner 955, Forerunner 255 and other Enduro 2. And it’s fair to say that this level is excellent. As on the watches we have just mentioned, the most accurate GNSS mode of the epix (Gen 2), known as multiband, collects several frequencies by satellites before sorting them, with the idea of refining the track.

Not surprisingly, the Epix (Gen 2) offers quite a bit of GPS and GNSS tracking accuracy. Curves are sharp, and errors are rare. Urban environments full of buildings still deviate the tracks slightly, but we’re talking about a few metres at most. Not all other sports watch manufacturers can say the same. We invite you to read our tests of the fēnix 7, Forerunner 955 and Forerunner 255 for some telling examples.

Note that the Epix (Gen 2) is one of the Garmin watches that was updated in 2022 to accommodate the SatIQ GNSS mode, which is supposed to automatically switch between different GNSS modes during an activity (single GPS, all systems, all systems + multiband) – in order to combine the best accuracy and the longest possible battery life.



The Epix (Gen 2) unsurprisingly has less battery life than its cousin, the Fenix 7: its AMOLED screen is much nicer to use but also consumes more resources. In reality, and after several practical battery life tests, the Epix (Gen 2) provides a battery life ranging from 3 to 10 days, depending on usage.



This is it. The Epix (Gen 2) proves that it is possible to combine an Amoled screen and battery life on a sports watch. Yes, Garmin has used the basics of the fēnix 7 for its Epix (Gen 2), so we end up with an ultra-complete watch with a beautiful AMOLED screen. The “and” is vital because this is a rare and unique proposition on the market.

For example, reading the integrated map is much easier and more pleasant than on other screen technologies. The only difference with the fēnix 7 is the battery life, which goes from ten days to just under a week for the Epix (Gen 2). This score is frankly satisfactory and will be sufficient for most users.

Everything else is there: multi-band GNSS accuracy, measurements, analysis and all kinds of features. Outdoor sports enthusiasts can’t go wrong with the Epix (Gen 2), at least if they have the budget. Since its launch, the watch has even been enhanced with new features. These include a training readiness score and a relevant heart rate variability status.

It’s hard to return to a sports watch with a transflective screen after using the Epix (Gen 2). Garmin has understood this, and future, more affordable models are reportedly on the way. Also, we would not refuse a third version of the Epix for smaller wrists.


Garmin epix 2, Premium Active Smartwatch, Slate and Stainless Steel with Silicone Band Black

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Garmin epix Gen 2, Premium active smartwatch, Health and wellness features, touchscreen AMOLED display, adventure watch with advanced features, black titanium

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