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JLab Work Buds Review: Top In-Ears for Office


  • Warm sound quality
  • Detachable microphone
  • Long battery life (10 hours and 41 minutes)


  • Somewhat dull sound
  • Limited app features
  • Becomes uncomfortable over time

The JLab Work Buds feature a handy extra for those who frequently make calls using their headphones. This review explores what that is and assesses the performance of these in-ears.

In-ear headphones are ideal for phone calls on the go or in the office. These small buds come with built-in microphones, which vary in voice transmission quality. The JLab Work Buds aim to offer outstanding call quality with their detachable microphone. They also strive to provide good sound and long battery life.

JLab Work Buds 2

Effective Seal

The oval shape of the Work Buds is initially unremarkable. However, they feature interchangeable rubber wings at the front end. These wings ensure a tight seal in the ear canals and provide additional support. The earbuds also have snug silicone tips (ear-tips) at the end of each driver arm. The manufacturer includes three sizes of tips and wings (S, M, and L). While the in-ears sit securely, they also sit quite deep and can exert noticeable pressure on the inner ear over time, becoming slightly uncomfortable after prolonged wear.

Touch Control

The outer side of the earbuds allows access to all key functions. They respond promptly to touch inputs. In the JLab app (available for Android and iOS), you can customize the commands. The app also offers an equalizer and a way to update the earbuds. However, it lacks some basic features, such as a display for the charging case’s battery level.


Call Quality

The earbuds earn praise for their detachable microphone, which transmits voices with a slight nasal quality but clearly. In noisy environments, the call quality improves as the mic focuses on the user’s voice and filters out background noise. The earbuds’ built-in microphones pick up more ambient sound. The additional microphone is a practical extra for those making calls in busy settings like trains or open-plan offices.

For Leisure Time

The in-ears are suitable not just for conference calls but also for music playback. They reproduce music warmly and pleasantly. Although lacking slightly in brilliance and the highs could be cleaner, the bass is adequate without booming. The mids integrate well into the overall sound without being intrusive. In their price range, they are competent performers.


Ready for a Long Workday

The Work Buds proved to be workhorses, playing for ten hours and 41 minutes on a single battery charge. This performance is impressive, even for models without noise cancellation. The in-ears come with a large plastic charging case, which is not very compact but provides enough space for the earbuds and the microphone.


JLab may not be a well-known brand, but the Work Buds have found their niche in the headphone market. They offer good sound and excellent battery life. While they perform well operationally, improvements are needed in comfort. The detachable microphone is a standout feature, making these earbuds among the best for call quality.

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