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Supersonic Review: Dyson’s Iconic and Powerful Hair Dryer


  • Sleek design and ease of handling.
  • Magnetic attachments.
  • Numerous accessories.
  • Powerful and uniform drying.
  • Stable temperature.


  • The noise may become unpleasant over time.
Model Dyson Supersonic
Motor specification Dyson digital motor V9
Speed 110000 rpm
Wattage 1600W
Ioniser Negative ions to help reduce static in the hair
Cable length 2.7m
Temperatures High: 100°C - Medium: 80°C -Low: 60°C - Cold: 28°C
Primary flow 13 litres/sec
Amplification factor x3
Dry rate 5.7g/min
Sound Power 77 dB (A)


Since its 2016 launch, Dyson’s foray into the beauty-tech market with the Supersonic has upheld its expertise and commitment to protecting hair and scalp from thermal damage caused by heated styling tools.


The Supersonic stands as a flagship product in Dyson’s beauty-tech range. Launched in 2016, this hair dryer marked the British manufacturer’s entry into the sector, laden with technology to rival established brands and models. It notably features a heat control mechanism that adjusts air temperature 40 times per second to prevent thermal damage. The Supersonic offers three heating modes and three fan speeds, catering to various hair types. Dyson includes five magnetic attachments to enhance inclusivity and versatility, though it comes at a price of £400.

dyson supersonic 3


When it was released in 2016, the Supersonic was a disruptive hair dryer. Departing from the majority of models’ bent silhouette, Dyson designed a device with a round head and a hole in the center to deliver a powerful air flow. Yes, the Supersonic is inspired by Dyson’s famous bladeless fans. Propelled at high speed, the air flow dries hair while avoiding thermal damage thanks to precise temperature control; this model can control it nearly 40 times per second. To ensure such performance, Dyson equipped it with its flagship V9 motor.

According to Dyson, the hair dryer is more compact and lighter than its competitors. The Supersonic has a maximum diameter of 7.8 cm, compared to 27 cm for more traditional models like the Babyliss Smooth Pro 2100. This design allows users to easily fit it into a travel bag. Its handling is intuitive, as is the assembly of the various attachments included with the device. The accessories, numbering five, have different strengths and are tailored to specific hair types. Among the essentials are a concentrator and a diffuser, useful for all types of hair. There is also a wide-tooth comb designed for curly and frizzy hair, to lift the roots and relax the curls. For sensitive hair and scalps, Dyson also provides a gentle drying attachment. Lastly, the final accessory for finishing smoothes stray hairs among longer locks.

Drying Efficiency

A crucial aspect of any hair dryer is its capability to control air temperature to prevent hair and scalp damage. The Dyson Supersonic can vary its temperature by over 20°C without attachments, as measured at 41°C, 50°C, and 63°C. This places it in a moderate range, enabling quick drying without subjecting hair to excessively high temperatures.

Dyson Supersonic - v1


On the top of the handle, a button turns the Supersonic on and off, while a second button instantly creates a jet of cold air. The rest of the controls are located on the head of the hair dryer; they allow adjustment of the temperature and the device’s power on three levels. Although these buttons are not immediately accessible with one hand, they are very pleasant to use and particularly intuitive.

Finally, the Supersonic’s long 2.65-meter cord does not restrict movement, which is very appreciable. As for the filter at the base of the handle, it is very easy to clean. Also magnetic, it can be pulled down to remove the dust hidden behind the grill.

Noise Level

Although the Supersonic is one of the quieter models in its category, emitting only 75 dB, its sound can be perceived as piercing with prolonged use, in contrast to quieter models like the Babyliss Smooth Pro 2100.

Energy Consumption

Despite its range of technologies, the Dyson Supersonic does not consume excessive energy. Rated at 1530 W, it is more energy-efficient than some of its competitors.


With its blend of design and power, the Dyson Supersonic continues to hold a significant position in the market years after its release. Its technology-driven approach provides rapid drying without damaging the hair. This equilibrium of temperature and airflow efficiency is consistent across all attachments, making it a standout choice in the hair dryer category.


Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer Anthracite/Fuchsia

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Highest Price £31,969,320.00 January 30, 2024
Lowest Price £293.99 February 9, 2024
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Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer, Nickel/Copper

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Highest Price $42,900,428.00 February 9, 2024
Lowest Price $429.00 December 10, 2023
Since December 10, 2023

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$42,900,428.00 February 28, 2024
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