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Anker Power Bank – 737 (PowerCore 24K)

On a premium level, Anker offers its PowerCore 24K battery. This large 24,000 mAh battery can charge devices at 140 W and has an accurate display.


  • Convenient screen
  • Good real capacity
  • Fast charging and recharging


  • Heavy and large


Anker’s 6 series are portable and magnetic batteries. The 5 series is designed to offer to charge to all, while the 7 series is designed to accommodate the brand’s most advanced technologies. According to the brand, this range is geared towards the future, like the 24,000 mAh PowerCore (737) that interests us here.

With its 737 models, Anker offers what it does best, i.e. a 24,000 mAh battery, smaller than one might imagine, with a power of 140 W and above, all with an accurate control screen. This makes it one of the best batteries on the market, especially considering its price point.


Quite different from the batteries we have already tested, the Anker 737 adopts a design far from the cobblestones we are used to. Here, it is more like a big brick with a screen and a button that is obviously used to switch on the battery. The screen displays various data such as temperature, charge capacity, number of cycles and input and output power in watts/hour. An actual display is functional and not just for indicating the percentage of energy available.

The Anker 737 does not aim for compactness and measures 15.5 x 5.46 x 4.96 cm. It weighs, braces yourself… 635 g. Yes, it is heavy, cumbersome indeed, and the weight is not very well distributed. It won’t fit in a pocket, and it will be felt even in a bag.

The battery has two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. Like all Anker models, the product comes with a USB-C cable.


Thanks to the 24,000 mAh it accumulates, the Anker PowerCore 24K is currently the largest battery in our comparison. The capacity is given for 3.7 V, which increases to 18,894 mAh when converted to 4.7 V. After our measurements, we note that the battery offers a little less, as we found 13,726 mAh, a difference of about 27%.

This large capacity allows you to charge a Galaxy S22 nearly four times, an iPhone 14 Pro more than four times, or a Nintendo Switch more than three times.

Regarding recharging, Anker’s battery is the fastest we’ve come across. Capable of accepting a 90W charge, it takes only 63 minutes to fill its 24,000mAh.

The Anker 737 is a big battery and crazy charging power. In addition to the traditional 5 V/3 A, 9 V/3 A and 15 V/3 A, it can push 20 V/5 A and 28 V/5 A.

It can deliver 140 W on a single USB-C port, albeit with a USB-C 3.1 cable. On the USB-A port, the power is limited to 18 W. Thanks to its Power Delivery compatibility, the PowerCore 24K can quickly charge a laptop or any other device of your choice. It is a very versatile model.


The Anker PowerCore 24K, or model 737, is an excellent battery. With a fast charge of 140W, it can charge all your devices. Its recharge is ultra-fast, provided you have a pack that delivers more than 100 W. In the end, only its size and weight can be considered flaws, but given the performance offered, it will be easy to overlook.


Anker Power Bank, 24,000mAh 3-Port Portable Charger with 140W Output, 737 (PowerCore 24K), Smart Digital Display, Compatible with iPhone 13 Series, Samsung, Dell, AirPods, and More

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Highest Price £198.74 September 6, 2023
Lowest Price £74.99 February 7, 2024
Since June 21, 2023

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£89.99 March 23, 2024
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Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K), 24,000mAh 3-Port Portable Charger with 140W Output, Smart Digital Display, Compatible with iPhone 14/13 Series, Samsung, MacBook, Dell, AirPods, and More

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Highest Price $10,999,110.00 February 8, 2024
Lowest Price $79.99 November 28, 2023
Since July 23, 2023

Last price changes

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$109.99 March 4, 2024
$10,999,110.00 March 2, 2024
$10,999,110.00 February 29, 2024
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