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Functions and Features

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Pulse measurement
  • Skin temperature measurement
  • SpO2 monitoring
  • Single-channel ECG, detection of atrial fibrillation
  • Sleep tracking
  • Step and floor counting
  • Training programmes for numerous sports such as running, cycling or rowing
  • Displays smartphone messages and calls
  • Clock, alarm, timer etc
  • AMOLED colour display 1.64 inch, 456 × 280 pixels, PPI 326
  • Bluetooth 5.1, NFC
  • Wireless charging (charging station included); maximum battery life: 7 days
  • IP68: dustproof and submersible for up to 30 minutes in water up to 1.5 metres deep

Blood pressure measurement

The Watch D from Huawei has a small pump with an air cushion that builds up the pressure for measuring blood pressure. The procedure is, therefore, similar to that of a normal blood pressure measurement cuff. However, the smartwatch is, of course, on the wrist and not on the upper arm. Measurement on the wrist is considered less accurate. Nevertheless, such a measurement offers a specific orientation and allows trends and basic problems to be identified. However, it is crucial that you compare the measurement results of the Watch D with another reliable blood pressure monitor or directly with your doctor.
Both the app and the printed instructions that come with it describe how to take a correct measurement. If you hold the watch incorrectly during measurement, it will stop the measurement.

huawei watch d measurement

One-channel ECG

The Apple Watch led the way, and many other smartwatches have followed, including the Huawei Watch D: you can place a finger on the corresponding button on the right edge of the watch and then have a single-channel ECG created; if the app detects atrial fibrillation, you will receive the corresponding message and should have this checked by a doctor. The creation of the ECG worked without any problems in the test.
This should be sufficient for a rough blood pressure assessment but by no means replaces an occasional check by the doctor.

Other health functions

The watch measures the oxygen content of your blood (SpO2), skin temperature and pulse. Your sleep patterns are also recorded. The watch also counts your steps. However, the watch needs to recognise the number of floors you have climbed as standard. This would require a Huawei smartphone or wearable with an integrated barometer.

huawei watch d ecg


A smartwatch that can measure blood pressure with the help of a cuff is inevitably larger and somewhat heavier than a conventional smartwatch because of the technology it requires. This is no different with the Watch D, which measures 51 × 38 × 13.6 mm and weighs 40.9 grams. For comparison, the Apple Watch 8: 45 mm x 38 mm x 10.7 mm, from 38.8 grams.

Nevertheless, the Huawei Watch D is comfortable to wear and does not look clunky. Above all, it is much more elegant and lighter than the Omron Heartguide. The display is also easy to read, the touchscreen reacts quickly, and the casing looks very high-quality.

Battery life

After almost a week, the battery still shows a little under 30 per cent charge. Even though we measured our blood pressure several times a day, took several ECGs and had a one-hour rowing workout recorded almost every day. So the watch had to work a lot and needed a lot of power accordingly. Nevertheless, after just over six days of hard work, the battery is still almost a third full.

huawei watch d accurate measurement

Huawei Health

However, you need the Huawei Health app for iOS and Android to use this smartwatch meaningfully. This starts with setting up the watch and continues with the display of the values. These are displayed in the app in diagrams so that you can follow the course of the blood pressure values or the pulse, for example.

The watch shows the measured values on its display, including the last measured blood pressure and older values. However, the view on the small watch display is much less clear than in the app, and progressions are easier to follow in the app. The app also provides many other functions, for example, an analysis of your sleep.

Other smartwatch functions

Of the health functions described above, the Huawei Watch D offers the usual features for smartwatches, such as displaying notifications, messages (from apps, but also iMessage and Whatsapp) and phone calls. The watch shows the weather forecast and plays music on the paired smartphone. However, we will not go into these functions, which are usual for a smartwatch, in this test.


With the Huawei Watch D, you get a simple, chic smartwatch that is comfortable to wear. But unlike most other smartwatches, you can measure your blood pressure at any time. On top of that, the Watch D offers detailed information for athletes right from the start.


HUAWEI WATCH D Smart Watch - Medical Grade Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen and Sleep Monitor 24/7 - Workout and Fitness Tracker - Long Lasting Battery Up To 7 Days - Black

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